The cost for Tundra Engineering Inc. services varies on the type of project we are engaged in. At all times our focus is finding the balance between cost (total project cost and engineering services) and the other projects goals such as safety, environmental protection, schedule, target down time, reliability and operability.


The most reliable cost analysis tool is a comparison of Engineering Services Cost versus Total Project Cost.

Tundra Engineering Inc. employs a relentless focus on successful projects from the customer perspective at all times.


Engineering Services Cost as a Percentage of Total Project Cost

Type of Project

13%+ Plant Turnarounds and complex projects in operating plants with a focus on minimal downtime
11% to 13% Brownfield facility debottleneck project or expansion
9% to 10% Greenfield Compressor Station or Oil Battery (both Non-template)
7% to 8% Field Satellite or a simple brownfield project or a Template Greenfield multiwell pad or facility
5% to 6% Single Pipeline or a Field Booster Compressor
3% to 4% A multi-pipeline program