Asset Retirement

Tundra Engineering Inc. has you covered for the entire Asset Retirement process. Generally speaking there are 5 stages that many sites must go through. Tundra has extensive experience in all aspects of this process.

Stage 1- Downhole Abandonment

This process involves the permanent plugging of the open zones and dealing with any surface casing vent leaks and cutting. Tundra has the experience and capability to deal with this process.

Stage 2- Cut and Cap

This process involves  removal of the wellhead and surface facilities and then cutting the surface casing off below grade and capping it.

Stage 3- Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Assessments and Stage 1 and Stage 2 Investigations help  identify potential areas and contaminants of environmental concern.

Stage 4- Site Remediation

Removal of contaminants from soil and water that may impact ecosystems into the future.

Stage 5- Reclamation

Returning the site to its predisturbed state.