Low Environmental Impact

Tundra recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship throughout its operations. We are committed to safeguarding the environment from its activities and strives to ensure that its environmental footprint is minimized in everything we do.Tundra’s impact on the environment is additionally lessened by reducing its consumption of fuel, materials, energy, harmful emissions and discharges.

Tundra is pro-active in utilizing technologies that minimize its environmental impact and ensure its operations present real, sustainable development opportunities. Tundra collaborates with everyone involved in its operations to further its goal of minimizing its environmental impact.

Tundra’s commitment to HSE includes:


  • Providing leadership, resources, equipment, and training that enhance personnel awareness of, and participation in, the creation of a safe, controlled and environmentally healthy workplace
  • Maintaining an active hazard recognition, assessment, and control program
  • Encouraging self-monitoring activities by identifying, evaluating, and minimizing the risk of exposure to people and the environment
  • Ensuring measures are in place for reporting and investigating accidents and ensure compliance with established occupational health and safety regulations and environmental laws
  • Improving the effectiveness of our HSE program by setting and reviewing standards, policies, and objectives